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POLITICO discovers our new application: MEP Twitter

POLITICO discovers our new application: MEP Twitter

New app

MEP Twitter is an application which sheds light on the use of Twitter by the Member of European Parliament. The app went live in early 2016 and became the third in line with MEP Ranking and MEP Vote.

MEPTwitter allows users to check the online activities of MEPs who use Twitter. It also provides statistics on which political issues have attracted a flurry of tweets and what issues MEPs are discussing at any given time. In other words, MEPTwitter allows anyone to become an analyst and unearth unique facts.

The MEPTwitter database reveals which MEPs are most active -Photo: Barbara Sax/Getty Images

For example, in one of his articles James Panichi, POLITICO, shares the first insights discovered with the help of MEPTwitter:

The public perception may be that members of the European Parliament do not do enough work, but a new online tool is proving they are a busy bunch.

The database has logged every tweet sent by sitting MEPs and revealed the chamber’s most active social media communicators, some of whom are sending thousands of messages.

Fredrick Federley, a Swedish MEP with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), is Parliament’s hashtag hotshot, clocking close to 100,000 tweets since he first joined the social media platform in 2009. Since becoming an MEP in 2014, Federley, who has 50,000 followers, has written 11,000 Twitter commentaries of under 140 characters.

Members of the European Parliament attend a plenary session in Strasbourg – Patrick Hertzog/Getty Images

It’s also possible to focus on specific time periods using the database. Topping the MEP Twitter charts over the past seven days has been Marie-Christine Vergiat, a French left-wing MEP, who sent 673 tweets, which included comments on refugee rights and human rights in Egypt.

The website also breaks down the results by party group. For the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in Parliament, the top performer is Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes, with 30,000 tweets to her name (13,500 of those have been issued since the start of the current legislature, in 2014).

The European People’s Party’s top tweeting MEP is Lara Comi, with almost 28,000 tweets to her name (13,000 of them posted since becoming an MEP).

The social network

MEPTwitter also reveals which MEPs have chosen either to steer clear of the medium or sign up without actually tweeting anything.

According to the database, some 49 of the EPP’s 215 members are not on Twitter; 32 of the S&D group’s 190 members don’t use it; and 15 of 70 ALDE deputies eschew the social platform entirely. On the far left of Parliament, of the 52 MEPs from the Confederal Group of the European Left, only seven are not signed up; for the 50 Green MEPs, just three are out of the Twitter loop.

The app also found that 15 MEPs who are on Twitter have fewer than three tweets to their name. A few have posted zero tweets.

MEPSoftware team designed the app to run continuously on
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