MEP Software

consiliumvote is an interactive data visualizer allowing anyone to explore the votes of the Council of the European Union. makes the votes of the Council easily accessible. The insights provide a simple way of scrutinizing the EU Member States’ ministers voting behavior in Brussels. allows users to filter the votes in the Council by date, policy area, Council configuration, voting rule and keyword. Additionally, any of the votes in the resulting list can be selected to display all related information. The DATA VISUALISER gives a fascinating view of all votes held. It shows abstentions and votes against the motion, and it provides a variety of filters. is the first app to use the official records of the Council’s voting and document datasets, which makes it the most accurate tool. adds remarkable features like vote matching with votes in the European Parliament. The app has access to the Parliamentary activity and displays charts when the Members of the European Parliament voted on the same report. For example, one can see if the votes of the MEPs differ from their country’s government.

The app won the Diplohack held in Brussel at the end of April 2016 and the TransparencyCamp Europe held in Amsterdam in June 2016. The team of developers comprised of Miquel Catala, Xavier Dutoit, Julii Selianko with the help of Jan Moeller, Kristof Bernaert and Laetitia Veriter.