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MEP-Software gets a quick update

Happy Birthday!
MEP-Software gets a quick update

Explanations of votes are now available on MEP Ranking and MEP Vote.

We have successfully introduced a quick update to our apps. From now on, the script displays the explanations of votes on the pages of MEP Ranking and MEP Vote.

After each voting session, the Members of the European Parliament explain their votes in writing. Popular among journalists and civil society watchdogs the explanations of votes are essential for transparency. However, there was no easy way of finding how often and how thoroughly the Members of European Parliament explained their votes.  The official minutes of proceedings did not distinguish between the speeches of MEPs and the explanations of votes. For many years the web pages of the European Parliament presented the written explanations as the subset of oral speeches.

We have introduced the software improvements to make the explanations of votes more accessible and ready for analysis. 
Since today, MEP Ranking shows the explanations of votes independently from the speeches in plenary. The app now displays the number of explanations issued by every MEP. The number can be compared to the average issued by MEPs from the other Member States or political groups. Furthermore, MEP Vote now shows the content of written explanations.
Step by step we are moving towards the major update of the MEP Ranking Activity Score.Mac-OS-11-Could-and-Should-Look-Like-This-Gallery-409005-5